Water Systems International Srl is part of a group of companies active in the most dynamic sectors. We trade with goods for heating, plumbing and electronic equipment and we invest in real estate.

Our pace becomes faster than ever. Even if we take into consideration the economic cycles, the economic crisis or the globalisation, we have always adapted to the changes taking part in the world. We adapt to these challenging changes every day, investing in design and quality, branding and human resources.

We have good technical knowledge and commercial skills, advantages that have led to a continuing increase of our business. Our intuition and our team gives us a valuable advantage over the competition. We try constantly to create value for our customers and our suppliers, to be closer to them and to grow together.

Our headquarters - a showroom and a modern training facility for our employees, is also a meeting point between retailers and designers. We focus everyday on developing new and better products. We constantly analyze our investment strategy, to be always competitive and to have the best products for our clients.

Water Systems International Srl always means punctuality, quality and efficiency. These are the criteria that were the basis of our success. We can be an ideal partner any time and our service is recognized by over 700 clients. Our commercial network covers the entire territory of Romania and Italy. Orders can be delivered in a short time, at any place all over Italy and Romania. The implementation of IS0:9001 :2008 quality management system ensures a smooth running of all our activities.